How long did it take the Simpsons to get their “predictions” right?


In recent years, the animation The Simpsons has earned a reputation for predicting the future. From the election of US President Donald Trump to the coronavirus pandemic, several episodes had several coincidences with our reality.

Expert in data visualization, Saffana Mohamed-Ajaz created a graph in which he analyzes several “predictions” of the attraction and how long it took them to become real. For that, he highlighted some passages from the 30 seasons of the series.

According to the survey, part of the “predictions” were presented in the first two seasons of the animation. However, they have declined over the years. On average, events occurred twelve years after the episode aired.

Know some coincidences between The Simpsons and reality:

Coronavirus pandemic
In 1993, the episode “Marge In Chains” shows that a highly contagious disease of Asian origin affected the inhabitants of Springfield. In addition to residents being quarantined, doctor Dr. Hibbert reveals that there is little to be done about patients.

Donald Trump election
In 2000’s “Bart to the Future”, Lisa is elected President of the United States. In one scene, the character discusses the budget crisis caused by former President Donald Trump. In the real world, the billionaire businessman took over the White House in 2016.

Disney acquires Fox
Aired in 1998, “When You Dish Upon a Star” innocently displays a sign indicating that 20th Century Fox is a division of Disney. In March 2019, the company acquired 21st Century Fox for $ 71 million.

Game of Thrones episode plot twist
In 2017, “The Serfsons” parodied the Game of Thrones series. Thus, one of the scenes features a dragon using its flames to destroy an entire city. Something similar to what happened with the fictional Porto Real in the attraction exhibited by HBO in 2019.

To see more coincidences between The Simpsons and reality, access the interactive graphic prepared by Saffana Mohamed-Ajaz.


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