Lomography brings Instagram filters to lenses


What would it be like to bring Instagram filters to film cameras? Lomography, which answers this question with its newly developed lens system, welcomes photographers with a liquid-filled lens. Thanks to this very simple but interesting system, it is possible to add color to photos with films. How do photos come out with liquid-filled lenses?

Liquid filled lenses and Instagram filters for photographic films

Today, many photographers shoot with cameras of different structures. Lomography, one of the well-known names of the photography world, made a name for itself with filters created on platforms such as Retrica and Instagram, especially when social media started to become popular.

The lens system of the device, called the new HydroChrome Sutton’s Panoramic Belair Camera by Lomography, has a liquid filling. This liquid in the lens system of the camera provides a different look in the output of the photographs. Especially with fluids injected in different colors, an Instagram filter appearance can be captured in photos. The photos from the camera, which has a retro and simple design, look quite different and successful.

Basically, these shots can be done in a very simple way. There is a tube system on the body and lens of the camera, and with the help of a syringe, liquids in the colors you want are injected into it. In this way, you can create colorful panoramic film stripes and when they go to print, the result is quite successful as seen.

The inspiration for this device comes from Thomas Sutton, who pioneered the use of liquid-filled lenses. This system, which has been known for a long time but adapted to today’s conditions, appears with the popularity of 35 mm film photography again.


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