Lolo Jones tearfully says she freezes her eggs in video: “Time is running out”


Lolo Jones talks about his egg freezing journey. The Olympian, who turns 40 on Friday, August 5, shared an emotional video on Instagram on Wednesday, which details the process she is undertaking to freeze her eggs with IVF.

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“I really want a family,” Jones tearfully stated in the video. “I’ve been waiting for my husband for so many years and I’m just going crazy. And I’m about to turn 40. I’m under a lot of stress right now.”

Other clips in the montage showed Jones attending medical appointments—in one of them, doctors found “an ovarian cyst the size of a tennis ball.” An additional video showed how she took blood to check her hormone levels, and in another she shared how she gave herself hormonal injections in preparation for egg extraction.

“The blood has returned to normal, the hormone levels are normal, so we will continue the process of creating these eggs!” after receiving the news, the bobsledder told the camera that she is a good candidate for IVF.

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In the caption to her video, Jones shared how “scared” she was during the process, feeling that she “didn’t have enough time to have a family.”

“Initially I wanted to freeze my eggs when I was in my early 30s [sic],” the athlete wrote. “I just kept thinking that I would meet my husband and everything would get better. Well, here I am almost 10 years later, and it’s not like that. As my anxiety about whether I could have children grew every day, I worked with Frame Fertility, who introduced me to @neil.chappell.ivfmd and @fertilityanswers.”

The Iowa native praised the team at the Louisiana Center for Reproductive Services and urged women to “check it out earlier” if they plan to have children.

“Not all women [so in the original] are the same,” she continued. “You may be 35 years old and you may have as many eggs as a 25-year-old, or you may be 25 years old and you are already losing eggs at a high rate.”

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The runner continued: “If you know that you want to start a family, but you just can’t do it now, maybe for career reasons or you don’t have a husband, think about egg freezing.”

The world champion athlete previously spoke about the problems she faced during dating, because because of her faith, it is important for her to remain a virgin until marriage.

“There are virgins there, and I want them to know that this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life; harder than preparing for the Olympics, harder than graduating from college… it was to remain a virgin before marriage,” Jones said in a 2013 interview with Brian Gambal for HBO Real Sports. “I was tempted, I had many opportunities.”


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