Lola Marois looking amazing on Instagram


Irresistible, Lola Marois (Plus belle la vie) has once again ignited Instagram with a topless and super sexy shot.

On her Instagram account, Lola Marois once again caused a sensation. The one who lends her features to Ariane in Plus belle la vie was very sexy by striking the topless pose. The writing of

Bomb alert ! In the city as on the sets of Plus belle la vie, Lola Marois never deviates from her own rule: to be sexy, again and again.

Indeed, the wife of Jean-Marie Bigard never misses an opportunity to showcase her figure. Evidenced by her last publication on her  Instagram account.

Thus, we can see the pretty blonde pose topless. However, the actress is careful to hide her breasts. So, she just shows herself from behind in this black and white shot.

And in the caption of her publication, Lola Marois wrote the lyrics to a song by Jim Baueur. He is a songwriter who is gradually making himself known to the general public.

The young man, son of Axel Bauer and Nathalie Cardone, has just been thrown into the limelight. And for good reason, Jim Bauer is a candidate for this new season of The Voice.

“I sparkle in your mouth like Coca-Cola,” wrote the beautiful actress of Plus belle la vie. A wink that could only satisfy the main interested!

Lola Marois (Plus belle la vie) sexy and topless on Instagram


So under its publication, the beautiful Ariane in Plus belle la vie drew an anthology of comments. And the least that can be said is that its subscribers are not stingy with compliments.

Thus, we can read the following messages: “You’re beautiful my Lola”, “Superb ❤️”, “Magnificent 💕” What beauty “,” A natural charm “or” I love this chick 👏 Intelligence guaranteed 👍👍👍 😘 ”.

Moreover, Lola Marois even managed to catch the singer’s attention! “Hahahaha call me Baudelaire 😂😂” commented Jim Bauer, very proud to be his source of inspiration.

So the Plus belle la vie actress wasted no time in responding to her. “Very modern times 😂😇” she joked.

In any case, Lola Marois never ceases to seduce Internet users when her husband falls in love with him. After controversial comments about Covid-19, the actress came to her aid.

On the Touche plateau, not at my post, she then came to her defense: “Jean-Marie’s fault is to arrive with certainties! He comes here with a sort of absolute truth (…) His fault is above all in the form. ”

Before adding: “He is a vigilante at heart, he is a lover of the truth, of HIS truth (…) When he says that, he is not delusional. “After all, there is freedom of expression!


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