LoL: Vi’s Cosplay Is As Impactful As His Punches


LoL: The following text may contain spoilers from Netflix’s Arcane series. Proceed at your own risk and expense. The American cosplayer known as Bri, who owns the “missbricosplay” Instagram account, has jumped on the wave of Netflix’s recent hit Arcane. She incorporated the character Vi, from League of Legends. In the series, Vi is one of the protagonists, with her sister Jinx.

In the caption of the publication with the cosplay photos, Bri claimed to be “obsessed with Arcane”. “This cosplay was a bit out of my comfort zone due to how short the wig is, but I loved it a lot,” said the fan. She also commented that, in addition to Jinx and Vi, one of her favorite characters in the series is Heimerdinger.

Who is the Vi character?

One of the protagonists of the Arcane series, in League of Legends Vi, is a fighter who uses hextec gauntlets to face enemies or eliminate obstacles. She grew up in the Zaun district of Piltover and learned to fend for herself.

In the series, Caitlyn helps Vi escape from prison and they both embark on a journey to Zaun. In the fifth episode of the first season, “Everybody Wants to Be My Enemy”, fans went crazy with an interaction between the two characters that brings a romantic mood.