LoL: Player Does Pentakill With Shrewd Play After Enemies Miss


For League of Legends fans, performing a Pentakill is always a wonderful thing. And have you ever imagined how it must feel to achieve this achievement when everything seemed lost? That’s what happened to player UpadoruWpadoruU, when surprisingly, all of his opponents missed their respawn time with the Guardian Angel item.

For those unfamiliar, the item in question allows a champion to return four seconds after death, with half health and 30% mana. Normally, several players can accurately calculate the time to attack the resurrected enemy, but luckily for Upadoru, the five missed, allowing him to use sniper Samira’s ultimate blow to regain health and have a chance to wipe out everyone!

The big mess probably occurred because of the time needed for the champion to revive: the Guardian Angel makes the player invulnerable for 4 seconds after the animation starts (he can’t do anything in that time, it’s just the equipment animation). In contrast, Zhonya’s Hourglass leaves the hero invincible for 2.5 seconds, significantly less time – and possibly the reason for the confusion.

However, if enemies get lost in skill timing, the resurrected player certainly doesn’t. As you can see in the video above, the opponents’ cooldown skills versus Samira’s return with ult and life stealing turned the fight drastically into a beautiful move to watch in League of Legends.

And you, have you ever done any such feat in LoL? Tell us in the comments!



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