LoL: A woman blames Riot for Seraphine’s design


Riot Games has denied it and has assured that it was created independently by the development team. League of Legends has just released Seraphine, a new champion, who has arrived accompanied by controversy.

A woman named Stephanie has accused Riot Games of relying on her when designing the character. She has done so in a publication on Medium, where she has revealed that she had a brief relationship with one of the company’s employees. However, the North American developer has responded with an official statement in which it strongly denies this possibility.

“My problem with Seraphine is much more personal,” wrote the woman. “My problem with her is that I think it’s based on me, and not without good reason, since I had a brief relationship with a Riot employee last year, in early 2019.” According to her, they talked for about 3 months, though they only saw each other twice before the relationship broke down. “I graduated from college and finally dyed my hair pink,” she continues.

Possible legal actions

As she explains, she has hired a lawyer and is seriously considering legal action. She says that the employee told her that he was collaborating on the first skins of something related to K / DA, since he knew many members of the team, although she admits that she is not sure to what extent it was true. “John [not his real name] hinted that he could have an influence on the project.” In addition, “he suggested that he should participate in dubbing of some kind of secret project that he never revealed, but insisted that he would be perfect for it.

Riot Games, for its part, has answered the following in a statement sent to PC Gamer: “Seraphine was created independently by Riot Games and is not based on any person.” She adds: “Also, the former employee you are referring to left Riot more than a year ago and was in a department and in a position where she could not contribute to the creative design process.”


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