Loki: why is the Marvel villain so loved? Tom Hiddleston answers!


Loki: It is no longer new that the villains, characters who should generate public hatred, end up becoming the darlings of the fans. An example of this is Loki, the villain who first appeared in the films The Avengers in 2012.

In the plot, Thor’s brother appears to betray several people around him, in addition to killing Agent Coulson. The events, however, were not enough to make the audience create “rancidity” of the character. But after all, what justifies so much love for the villain?

Tom Hiddleston, an actor who has played Loki for 9 years, believes that people sympathize with the character’s story. “Loki’s bow in Thor is very moving,” he says to Empire magazine. “He starts the film as Thor’s brother, who is the heir to the throne. Until then he genuinely loves his brother, but possibly has a deep jealousy or resentment implied by the ‘favor’ that the older brother received from his mother and father “, he says.

According to him, the progression of Loki to antagonist of the story is caused by a lot of vulnerability and pain of the character. “Even at the end of Thor, when Loki is the villain, the audience can see that he came from a very moving pit of sadness, loneliness and confusion,” added Hiddleston.

The character is so beloved that he won an exclusive series on streaming Disney +. In the plot, Loki will work with a mysterious organization to fix flaws in the time he caused by using one of the jewels of the universe.

The Loki series will premiere on June 11 and it should be the last time Tom Hiddleston plays the character.


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