Loki: What Are The Critics Thinking of The Marvel Series?


Loki, the new Marvel series, launched directly on Disney+ this Wednesday (9), brings the title character from the comics in a new adventure. With the premiere of the first episode, viewers have already rated what they watched on the Rotten Tomatoes portal, attributing a 97% approval among 221 users.

In addition, the critics have also been registering their impressions on the site, guaranteeing praise for the performances of the main cast and also for the issues that the series will eventually work on throughout its episodes.

So far, 74 reviews have been registered on Rotten Tomatoes, 70 of which are totally favorable to the production of the streaming. According to Nick Allen for Roger Ebert’s website, the series has a very well managed narrative that manages to be exciting in many ways.

Mike Hale of The New York Times, however, pointed out that despite the almost omnipotent presence of Tom Hiddleston’s character, it still seems like he’s just another one in the crowd “navigating through it all.”

And Collider’s Liz Shannon Miller pointed out that the humor contained in Loki’s first episode brings genuine fun to the plot. “Early on, a clear mystery is established, offering the little touch of a classic format that helps inform [the characters’] actions,” she wrote.

Loki: Marvel’s Disney+ series is well received by audiences

Some viewers also volunteered to write short comments containing their own critiques of the episode recently featured on Disney+.

Many of them pointed out that Loki’s story seems well on the way to something deeper and more dramatic, which had not yet had a place in the films of the Cinematographic Universe from Marvel. In addition, there is the formulation of several theories about how the connections that the series presents can be articulated with other characters in the MCU.

So be sure to check out the upcoming episodes! Next week, Disney+ releases a new episode of Loki, showing the continuation of the title character’s temporal adventure.


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