Loki: Tom Hiddleston Talks About a Possible 2nd Season


Loki: Marvel debuts its new series, Loki, in early June and rumors of a possible 2nd season have already started to surface. According to the Production Weekly website, the new batch of episodes will begin production in January 2022.

The fact that the production on the God of Cheating will continue for another season has fans speculating what the first year’s story will be and how it will connect with the MCU Phase 4 films.

In an interview with Games Radar portal, Loki’s interpreter Tom Hiddleston talked about the possibility of a 2nd season.

During the conversation, Hiddleston was asked directly what the new season means for the character’s arc. However, as a good veteran of Marvel and a decade protecting the studio’s secrets, the actor dodged the answer with a bit of humor.

Loki: Marvel series was renewed?

The protagonist claims that he learned that creating expectations is a futile and silly mission. He’s already had to say goodbye to his character three times and doesn’t know what the future holds, but he’s excited to find out.

Hiddleston says they couldn’t predict 10 years ahead, and that would be underestimating Kevin Feige’s intelligence. The actor jokes that the president of Marvel Studios may work at TVA and has already foreseen the future.

Using humor to deflect the question, Tom Hiddleston offered no real explanation for a 2nd season of Loki, nor for the series’ connection to the studio’s upcoming films.

The fact that the show opens the doors to Marvel’s multiverse is consistent with the release of The Forevers and Doctor Strange 2: In the Multiverse of Madness. The impact that the Loki variant will have on the MCU and especially on these films only makes the character’s arc even more intriguing in a new season.

Loki debuts June 9 on Disney+.


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