Loki: Tom Hiddleston Reveals His Favorite Part of the Marvel Series


Loki: In an interview with the American portal Deadline, actor Tom Hiddleston, Loki no MCU (Marvel Cinematographic Universe) revealed what is his favorite part of the Disney+ series. For him, having finished the show in the middle of the pandemic and the opportunity to work with great actors and actresses were the big highlights of his experience with the series.

“We finished production in the middle of a global pandemic and managed to create something that means a lot to all of us”, revealed the actor. “I felt very grateful for this work and for the contribution of all my fellow cast members,” he added.

In addition to starring in the series, Tom Hiddleston was also a producer of the plot. Also during the interview, the actor said that this production does not have to be a goodbye to the character. “Anything can happen”, he added.

Learn more about the Loki series

The series takes place right after the god of cheating steals the Avengers’ Tesseract. For creating problems in the Sacred Timeline, the character is arrested by the AVT (Temporal Variation Authority), an organization composed of people who protect the events that happen in the world.

Not to be disintegrated, Loki agrees to help AVT look for a variant of itself that is also hurting the timeline. New secrets begin to be revealed and he discovers that there is much more to the mysterious organization.

The Marvel series is made available through Disney+. The last episode was released this Wednesday (14).

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