Loki: series will defy expectations! Details


One of the favorite villains of the Marvel Universe, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) will have his own series on Dinsey + later this year. And to make fans even more anxious, the production’s visual effects supervisor, Brad Parker, says it will “defy expectations.”

Visual effects in Loki

In a conversation with ComicBookMovie, Parker suggests that the show will be even crazier than the trailer shows. According to the supervisor, the project will challenge expectations in several ways.

Parker doesn’t hide that he always wanted to work on a Marvel project and that he couldn’t be happier to be chosen for Loki. According to him, we can expect incredible things to happen in every episode.

Regarding the high budget for the series, the supervisor states that it was a completely different creative exercise, because at the same time that he had a blockbuster investment to work on, the expectation over the visual effects was also very high.


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