Loki: New Teaser Shows Mysterious Conversation Between Mobius and The Antihero


Loki: Disney + released, last Sunday (16), another teaser of the Loki series. The video of just over 1 minute highlights the character Mobius. M. Mobius, to be played by actor Owen Wilson, and shows a mysterious conversation.

In the scene, Agent Mobius introduces himself to the god of cheating in an elevator inside the TVA (Temporal Variation Authority, in Portuguese). In the comic dialogue, the character says that he will take Loki for a “conversation”.

Check out the new trailer for the series below:

Another highlight of the video is when the agent says that time passes differently on TVA. Asked by Loki about what this means, Mobius says that the god will “understand”.

The production will play with timelines, since the god was captured precisely for interfering in the events of this shared universe of Marvel.

Earlier this month, Disney announced an advance, so Loki will arrive exclusively at Disney + on June 9 instead of June 11.


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