Loki: New Teaser Shows Miss Minutes Function Inside TVA


Loki: In a new television commercial, Disney released yet another teaser for the Loki series. The video shows the god of cheating (Tom Hiddleston) being sued by the TVA (Time Variance Authority) until eventually being recruited to help restore the timeline he broke while on the run with the Tesseract.

The teaser also reveals a little more of the role that Miss Minutes plays within the organization. The animated clock, which was highlighted in the last poster of the series, is the one who receives the prisoners from TVA and guides them on their next steps.

In the final moments of the advertisement, Loki seems to be hitchhiking on Bifrost. Will he make a stop at Asgard?

Check out the full video below:

Loki: what to expect from the new Marvel series?

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige recently described the series as an intriguing and different “police thriller”. Production protagonist Tom Hiddleston said fans should expect the unexpected.

The actor also suggested that there is a link between the series logo and its story. According to him, the change in sources has to do with the fact that Loki is a shapeshifter. Throughout the MCU, the character was once a hero and a villain, in addition to literally transforming into other people, like Captain America and Odin.

Loki will debut on June 9 on the Disney + platform.


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