Loki: New Commercial Shows More Details of Marvel Series


Loki: With Loki just two days away, the Marvel series has gained a new commercial that proves fan theory that the villain will need to correct the chaos in the timeline after stealing the Avengers’ Tesseract. Starring Tom Hiddleston back to its original role, the series hits the Disney+ catalog this Wednesday (9). Check out the trailer below!

More details about Loki

The series is part of the 4th phase of the MCU (Marvel Cinematographic Universe) and joins other successful titles that are also available on the streaming platform: WandaVision and Falc√£o and the Invernal Soldier. The events take place right after The Avengers: Ultimatum, and show the villain’s journey after the Tesseract theft.

Loki is taken into custody by a bureaucratic organization known as the Temporal Variation Authority. There, he is summoned to suffer the consequences of his crimes, especially after the timeline has been altered. Therefore, he must choose between having his existence erased or helping the organization capture a much bigger threat.

According to new fan theories, this new threat will be Kang the Conqueror, played by Jonathan Majors. In the Marvel comics, Nate Richards is a descendant of Reed Richards and has had different identities throughout the plot, as he has a time machine and can move between different eras. However, so far, the participation of the villain (who has already been seen in Fantastic Four) in Loki has not yet been confirmed.

In addition to Tom Hiddleston, the series’ cast also includes Owen Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Sophia Di Martino, Wunmi Mosaku and Richard E. Grant. The show was directed by Kate Herron.

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