Loki: Mid-Season Trailer For The Series Shows The God In Trouble (Spoilers)



Loki: Marvel released this Monday morning (28), an unreleased mid-season trailer for the Loki series. The video recaps the first 3 episodes and shows unpublished images from the final chapters.

The production shows key moments from the beginning of the series, such as the negotiation of the character Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson) with the protagonist (Tom Hiddleston) so that he can help the TVA (Authority of Temporal Variation, in Portuguese) to look for Sylvie (Sophie Di Martini), variant of Loki that is killing company agents across multiple timelines.

In addition, the trailer features new footage, including TVA’s capture of Sylvie and Loki. Check out the teaser subtitled in Portuguese below.

The video also shows a child, who the internet speculates to be Sylvie. The scene has previously been released and indicates that the female variant will gain a flashback, telling her story in Asgard as the daughter of Laufey, the King of the Ice Giants, who is also the true father of the god of cheating.

The next episode of Loki will be released on Disney+ next Wednesday (30) and the last one arrives on July 30th on the platform.


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