Loki: Meet The Clock That Appears In The Marvel Series Poster


Loki: Were you also wondering what is the clock for the new Loki series poster? Loki is getting closer to debuting at Disney +. And as part of the disclosure, Marvel presented the new poster of the series with some tips on the history of the production. But what most caught the attention of the fans was the presence of a cartoon clock in the middle of the characters.

Loki: who is the watch that appears on the series poster?

Called Miss Minutes (in free translation, Miss Minutes), the character is the mascot of TVA (Time Variance Authority or in Portuguese, Time Variation Authority). The presence of her drawing on the official poster of the series indicates that the ties between Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and the organization will be deep.

The clock has already appeared in other disclosures of the series. In the first teaser, released in December 2020, the character appears drawn in the elevator where Loki and Mobius (Owen Wilson) are.

In the official trailer of the production, released in April this year, the mascot appears in two moments: as an animation on TV, probably instructing the prisoners of TVA and in a poster with the words “Behave yourself! Or we will clean your watches ”.


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