Loki: Marvel Series Unveils Mysterious Poster for Episode 4; look!


Loki: Recently, Marvel released an all-new poster for the Loki series, which is broadcast every Wednesday on Disney+. Apparently, in the next episode of the production, to be aired on June 30, the infamous Time Guardians will emerge in a context of mystery and euphoria.

Over the three episodes made available so far, little has been revealed about these lords of the Authority of Temporal Variance.

It is noteworthy, in this sense, that the beginning of the series focused on showing the public more about how TVA works, while last week’s episode featured an adventure in Lamentis-1, in which the god of cheating (played by Tom Hiddleston) was alongside its variant Sylvie (Sophie di Martino).

Loki: Learn more about what can happen in episode 4 of the Marvel series

Composed of only six episodes, soon Loki will end his saga on Disney+. For this reason, Marvel also teased viewers, recently, with a new mid-season trailer, showing some unreleased scenes that could happen as early as the 4th episode of the production.

Apparently, there will be more variants of Loki and also the presence of the Guardians of Time. The character’s plot, full of mysteries about his existence, will also be shrouded in other temporal adventures. They should show more interesting elements about your journey.

Even so, the TVA Time Guardians have yet to be effectively seen, despite Loki’s insistence during the first few episodes to urgently meet with the lords who oversee the Sacred Timeline.

Although the new poster provides some details about these powerful entities, there is still very little about their members. Certainly, this appearance will be long awaited by fans, especially for all the symbolism that this group carries with it.

The production’s cast also features guest appearances by Owen Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Wunmi Mosaku, Sasha Lane, Eugene Cordero and Tessa Thompson.

So stay tuned for upcoming episodes of Loki and don’t miss out on the upcoming news in the series’ narrative!


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