Loki: Marvel Series Emphasizes Importance of Tesseract Theft


Loki: In addition to introducing the audience to what would have happened to the God of Cheating after the theft of the Tesseract in Avengers: Ultimatum, the first episode of Disney+’s Loki series, was also able to bring a new perspective on time.

In this sense, the production highlights the importance of certain events that were already destined to occur in a natural order of movements.

At one point in the narrative, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) discovers that there are things that need to happen in the Holy Timeline, and when that order gets messed up, the Temporal Variance Authority must act. It is also interesting to note how some anti-hero actions occurred throughout the MCU movies.

However, the title “Glorious Purpose” goes further. To dodge his main charges on TVA, Loki articulates to say that the temporal crimes were committed by the Avengers. He argues that he had seen the presence of two Tony Starks in the same field and that interference is what would have caused all the problems in the Sacred Timeline.

At this point, Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) explains that even the character’s facilitated escape, via the Tesseract, should happen in a natural order of things.

Learn more about Loki’s relationship with the Avengers: Ultimatum

With the information provided by the debut episode of the new Marvel series, some issues of Avengers: Ultimatum can be explained even more clearly. In addition to what Loki realizes is considered canonical, the onslaught of the group’s heroes, even when they involve tinkering with the rules of time travel, could also be.

Mobius (Owen Wilson) further explains, over the course of the first episode of the production, that most heroes are destined to fight the villains placed in their respective paths anyway.

In this sense, there is a very big problem in Loki’s hands, which, in a way, presents himself as a great threat to the Avengers. Will he finally be able to challenge TVA’s hegemony?

We look forward to seeing it all!


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