Loki: Its Director Explains The True Identity of The Villain of The Series


Loki: Kate Herron has spoken about the true identity of Loki’s villain and the possibilities that open up from the end of his first season.Loki, the last Marvel Studios series premiered on Disney + that recently reached the end of its first season (remember that a second season was confirmed after the last episode), has left the Marvel Cinematic Universe upside down, with the possibility that, to From now on, whatever or event happens that has great consequences for the MCU itself and its characters. But first, the director of Loki, Kate Herron, has spoken about the true identity of the villain of the series, one of the great surprises of the last episode. It goes without saying that various spoilers about Loki will be discussed from the next paragraph on.

UCM turned upside down after the end of Loki

And is that one of the great revelations of the end of Loki is the entrance on the scene of actor Jonathan Majors, who was confirmed long ago as Kang The Conqueror in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. But Majors appeared as someone other than the one every comic book fan remembers as Kang; he presented himself as a histrionic personae, somewhat crazy and playful, who explained the multiverse clearly and concisely. What character was he really?

He himself mentions other Kang, much more dangerous than his current personality, scattered throughout the multiverse, implying that it is Immortus, an old Kang tired of living a thousand lives with a certain tendency to redemption. Although according to the director of the series, it is actually an original character halfway between Immortus and Kang, something like Sylvie, who combines various elements of different characters from the comics.

“Kang is the variant, but he is not technically Immortus either. He’s a bit like Sylvie, isn’t he? He is a unique character in relation to our history. The One Who Remains is in the comics, but the version in our series was very different. He is closer to Immortus, but he is a unique character to our story. But Kang is a variant of that character, ”says Herron.

Let’s remember that in the comics, El Que Permanece is the creator of TVA and his home is in the Citadel of the End of Time; While certain elements are maintained in the series, others related directly to the figure of Kang the Conqueror were also added. Will we see the real Kang in the future? After the final twist of Loki, everything indicates that this will be the case.


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