Loki: Initial Ideas For The Series Were Much More Bizarre, Says Producer


Loki: In a recent interview with Ringer-Verse podcast, Michael Waldron, Loki’s showrunner, revealed that the initial ideas for the series were even more bizarre than the ones audiences watched over six weeks on Disney+. According to him, several scenes were deleted from the original scripts after the concise supervision of Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios.

“In the third episode, when Sylvie [Sophia DiMartino] is trying to infiltrate the mind of Hunter C-20 [Wunmi Mosaku], a frantic sequence with melee fights takes place because the TVA had defenses in place,” he contextualized.

“Then there would be people attacking her, which would get more and more crazy [as time went on], including children and an armadillo with a laser beam that would shoot, with Sylvie kicking it like a soccer ball right away. then,” explained the showrunner, adding that he had written the scene himself.

Despite this, Kevin Feige warned that it could be too much for the series. However, other issues were addressed throughout Season 1, such as the different variants of Loki (Tom Hiddleston) dotted around the multiverse — including a rather charismatic reptile, also nicknamed Lokigator.

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As hilarious as Michael Waldron’s ideas are, unfortunately, viewers couldn’t appreciate these moments in the series. However, many sequences caught the attention of the audience. Episode 3 itself, set in Lamentis-1, features Loki trying to trick a resident, but is completely kicked by her.

Even though Kevin Feige has disapproved of the bizarre scenes from Season 1, it could be that, with the expansion of the multiverse on the MCU, these questions will return at some point. Who would like to watch Lokigator, for example, with the laser beam that the infamous armadillo would use?

So stay tuned! The next episodes of Loki still don’t have a release date announced by Disney+ or by Marvel. Until then, watch season 1 directly on streaming.


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