Loki: Elon Musk buy Disney series with Rick and Morty


Loki: The Loki series debuted on June 9th this year and has since won praise from many people. And one of the acknowledgments came from no less than billionaire and Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk, who said the Disney+ production “is very good.”

In addition to having enjoyed the show, the mogul compared the Marvel series to Rick and Morty. The animation distributed by Warner Bros. it also covers multiverse concepts, multiple timelines, and variants.

“(Loki) is basically Rick and Morty with a big romance arc,” Musk wrote on Twitter.

Purposeful similarities

In fact, Musk is right in his comparison. The similarities between the two productions are intentional and were confessed by Loki’s chief screenwriter, Michael Waldron, who also worked on the adult cartoon.

“There were many different Lokis originally written in the first draft by Tom Kauffman, the writer of the (5th) episode. He really freaked out and took some of the energy from Rick and Morty and that was a great basis for the ideas in Loki,” explained Waldron to the ScreenRant website.

The professional said that when he accepted the job at Disney, he knew he would use concepts similar to animation, since the multiverse theme is approached in a similar way in several recent movies and series. He also revealed that he even exchanged ideas and materials with Dan Harmon (one of the creators of the animation).

The 6th and final episode of Loki aired this Wednesday (14) on Disney+. Meanwhile, Rick and Morty is currently in its fifth season, with the episodes being published on HBO Max.