Loki: Collectible May Have Confirmed Lady Loki’s Identity


Loki: The second episode of Loki finally introduced the variant that the god of cheating and the TVA are hunting: Lady Loki (Sophia Di Martino).

However, since her appearance, some rumors indicate that the character may be another. Rumors gained traction after fans noticed that, in the credits of some countries, the actress is identified as “Sylvie”.

Lady Loki: Could the character be Sylvie?

The mystery of Lady Loki’s true identity may have been solved by a collectible sold by Zavvi in ​​the UK and Europe. The helmet replica seems to confirm that the variant is actually Sylvie Lushton/Enchantor.

The product’s certificate of authentication states that the helmets are inspired by those worn by Loki and Sylvie in the Marvel series. The official item description also proves the character’s identity.

In the comics, Sylvie Lushton is an ordinary girl from Oklahoma. Everything changes when her city becomes the new home of the Asgardians and she gains powers. Then, the character assumes the mantle of Enchantor (identity held by Amora) and moves to New York to join the Avengers.

Lady Loki is featured again poster

After being featured in the second episode, Lady Loki won an exclusive poster from Marvel Studios. The publication shows a little more of the details of the character’s uniform and the caption states that “this is not about you”.

Recently Tom Hiddleston, actor from Loki, offered his own description of the variant played by Sophia Di Martino: “It took on certain characteristics that are very familiar to me: mischief, play, maybe a bit of inner fragmentation and some broken emotions out there.”

Loki has new episodes every Wednesday on Disney+.


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