Loki: Character Wins Cosplay With Comic-Inspired Look


Loki: Cosplayer and propmaker Apollo created a look to honor Loki, Marvel’s charismatic villain — who even won his own series on Disney+. The version presented by the artist respects the character’s classic traits in green and gold and is inspired by one of his comic book incarnations. In this case, the biggest source for the creation was the Loki: Agent Of Asgard arc, written by Al Ewing and released in 2014.

The debut of the God of Cheating — played by Tom Hiddleston — at the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) took place in 2011 in the movie Thor. The following year, he was the main villain of The Avengers and established himself as one of the most beloved characters by fans of the entire franchise. Such success inspired this arc in comic books and it often earns tribute by the public.

In addition, the cosplayer also posted on its Instagram some photos with an alternative version of Loki, inspired by Hiddleston’s work. Such action served as a tribute to the debut of the Disney+ series, which arrived today (09) on the streaming service.

Apollo is a London-based cosplayer and her interest in the area started in 2015, when she was introduced to the anime genre by a friend. Throughout her career, she has so far made more than 40 cosplays inspired by pop culture characters, adding her own style to them.


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