Loki Advances Its Premiere Date on Disney +: “Wednesdays Are The New Fridays”

Loki: Marvel Studios advances a few days the premiere of its next series for Disney + starring Tom Hiddleston: the actor shares a witty video.Loki, the upcoming and long-awaited Marvel Studios series for Disney + that will hit the streaming platform in June, advances its premiere date a few days. This has been shared by both Marvel Entertainment and Tom Hiddleston himself, an actor who plays the God of Deception, through a witty video that you can see below under the slogan “Wednesdays are the new Fridays.” Thus, Loki goes from Friday, June 11 to Wednesday, June 9, advancing its premiere two days.

Wednesdays are the new Fridays

Although beyond the change of date of the premiere episode of Loki, the measure will affect the entire series itself, releasing each new chapter the following Wednesday from the 9th. However, the new episodes of Loki will reach the platform of streaming every Wednesday instead of Friday, as the previous Disney + series had us used to.

At the moment it is not known if this new release schedule on Disney + will affect the next series to reach the platform, since so far, both Scarlet Witch and Vision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier, along with The Mandalorian from Star Wars, they have released their new chapters on Fridays. Perhaps this is just a one-off measure so that the corresponding episode of Loki does not coincide with the premiere of Black Widow on July 9 on Disney +?

Recently, Marvel Studios shared a new preview of Loki loaded with scenes never seen before and that let us see a little more of the crazy things that Thor’s brother has prepared for us through his travels through the most varied timelines of the UCM. The new Loki series premieres exclusively on Disney + on June 9, 2021.



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