Loki 1×3: an adventure in Lamestis with Sylvie



Loki: After an apotheotic ending to Loki’s 2nd episode, the god of cheating (Tom Hiddleston) followed his variant (Sophia Di Martino) through a new time portal. With that, the two entered into a direct confrontation and ended up in Lamentis, a futuristic region that is about to collapse.

However, without the possibility of returning to TVA headquarters without Loki, the character surrenders and leaves with him in search of salvation. So find out more about episode 3 of the Marvel series with our recap!

Loki: revelations about the god of cheating and TVA variants

Initially, the audience learns what would have happened in the previous episode with Hunter C-20 (Sasha Lane) and his encounter with the variant of Loki. At this point, some signs of Sylvie’s mysterious powers, as she introduces herself, are discovered. The variant just wanted to infiltrate the agent’s mind with some game that involved her conception of memory to achieve her goals.

With Loki chasing, the two arrive at TVA headquarters and start fighting. Ravonna (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) surprises them and, even with Sylvie’s threat, seems not to care about the possible fate of the cheating god. It is at this point that Loki manages to send them to another location, but realizes that his device’s battery is running out, making it impossible to return immediately.

Sylvie notes that the two ended up on Lamentis-1 and could be on the verge of being wiped out forever if they can’t manage to find the charge needed to make the temporal device work. While trying to establish some degree of mutual trust, Loki and his variant have very interesting conversations.

The two devise a plan that would take them, through a grandiose vehicle, to a place where there would be enough energy to do what they need. Loki disguises himself as one of the vehicle’s guards, who would be directing Sylvie to be judged at fate. Once again, the variant’s powers are revealed and later she gives Loki more details about how she learned them.


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