Loki 1×2: The God of Cheating Variant Plans



Loki: Another episode of the Loki series was available on Disney+ this Wednesday (16). Working directly with Mobius (Owen Wilson) on a new variant of himself, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) donned the TVA shirt and launched an investigation that could uncover many details about this very controversial personality that is affecting the Sacred Timeline.

So, find out more about the 2nd episode of the Marvel series on Disney+ with our recap!

Loki 1v2: The God of Cheating Meets His Variant

At first, as much as Loki’s talk almost fooled Mobius, the agent was smarter and realized that he would still need to face some obstacles to make the God of cheating cooperate in a reliable way.

However, little by little, the anti-hero was becoming an indispensable asset for the investigation of the dishonest variant that is affecting everyone. Obviously, his ambitions come first and, in that sense, there is much to be considered about his participation in the Time Variance Authority’s plans.

Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), not trusting any aspect of Loki, tells Mobius that he has only one chance to find the variant. With the help of their “faithful squire”, the two search for files that can provide answers about the behavior patterns of the new cheating god.

Loki manages to find, through some files, some details about Ragnarok and the destruction of his home planet. From there, he discovers that the variant may be hiding in very conclusive moments of mass destruction, to which TVA would be able to return without major problems, as it would not affect the timeline.

While Mobius remains skeptical of this theory, Loki urges him to test it in a disaster in Pompeii, 79 years after Christ. Once he gets his point across, Loki and Mobius figure out what disaster the variant might be at the moment and locate it in a large Mississippi store that was wiped out in a hurricane.


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