Loïc (Koh Lanta, La Légende) was almost absent because of a heart problem, he confides


In Koh Lanta, La Légende (Koh Lanta All Stars 2021) on TF1, Loïc replaced Freddy, who was injured and had to give up. But the one who participated in Koh Lanta, the 4 lands (Koh Lanta 2020) was almost absent from the cast of the anniversary show. Indeed, during the physical tests before the filming of the 20 years of the program hosted by Denis Brogniart, he was diagnosed with a heart problem. Suddenly, the one who is in couplke with Miss Lucie Caussanel could not have been present in the new season. He confided in his health problem.


Loïc could not have been in Koh Lanta, La Légende: “I was found to have a problem with my heart”

The first episode of Koh Lanta All Stars 2021, aka Koh Lanta, The Legend on TF1, was marked by Laurent Maistret naked, Clémentine who was again clashed, but also by the abandonment of Freddy who was injured (and whose the images in the infirmary were not broadcast). Freddy was then replaced by Loïc, the adventurer of Koh Lanta 2020 aka Koh Lanta, the 4 lands. Except that he almost never was in the 20-year anniversary casting of the show hosted by Denis Brogniart. Indeed, Loïc revealed that he was diagnosed with a heart problem during physical tests before the filming of Koh Lanta, The Legend.

Koh Lanta, The Legend: Grégoire absent, the reason why he refused to participate

“I can finally tell you about it” revealed Loïc in an Instagram post, “at the beginning of the year, during the selection tests for this Koh Lanta, La Légende, I was discovered on a stress test a little heart problem. Following that, I left for a long month of complicated medical analyzes to check that I did not have any problems “. “A long, very difficult moment for me (who only thought of Koh Lanta and to be able to participate) but also for my relatives, who thought more about my personal health” specified the one who is in a relationship with Lucie Caussanel (Miss Languedoc-Roussillon).


“A lot of back and forth to the hospital … I even managed to get flashed once because I was late for the appointment” even confessed the adventurer who was finally able to return to the room. ‘show and replace Freddy in Koh Lanta, The Legend. “I won’t go into details, but it was important to me to tell you about it and explain these difficult times to you. It also explains why I was a little less present on the networks at the beginning of the year because I my head was completely elsewhere “he specified.

“I was not allowed to play sports that’s why I arrive on this Koh Lanta with a few extra pounds”

Loïc also indicated that he gained weight because of this health problem. “During all these exams, I was not allowed to play sports, that’s why I arrive on this Koh Lanta with a few extra pounds but also the stress of not having been able to train physically knowing that I will find myself dealing with war machines “he declared. “I arrive with a big weight gain (almost 100kgs a few kilos ready) but I explain all this very quickly” he had already teased in a previous Instagram post.

The candidate also wanted to thank his family, his friends and the hospital: “Thank you thank you thank you to my relatives for the support in this month not easy for them. A big thank you to the Grenoble University Hospital and particularly to the whole team of cardiology !! After all these tests, I fortunately have no problem at the level of the heart and after validation of the doctor of Koh Lanta. Let the adventure begin .. “.

His girlfriend Lucie Caussanel, who was uneasy during the Miss France 2020 election, showed him her support. “You have been so brave and determined,” she wrote fondly in the comments.