Logos for Intel’s 500 Series Chipsets Revealed


The logos of 500 series chipsets, which are expected to be shown for the first time at Intel’s CES event, which will start on January 11, 2021, have emerged. The sharing shows the logos of the Z590, B560 and H510 models.

US-based technology giant Intel is preparing to introduce its 500 series chipsets at the CES event to be held in the coming days. The company, which will switch to a new architecture with Rocket Lake processors, will also prefer new logos on 500 series chipsets.

Details of the new 500 series chipsets are not yet known, but it seems that the Z590, B560 and H510 models will be released in the first place. The new motherboards are expected to have DDR4 3200 MHz memory and XMP profile support in the Z590 and B560 chipsets. It is also known that the Z590 will have CPU overclocking support not yet approved on the H570 and B560.

Intel will use these logos for the 500 series chipsets:

The new Rocket Lake-S CPUs will have 4 additional PCIe channels that can be used directly for NVMe PCIe 4.0 storage. However, both the Z590 and B560 chipsets will support PCIe 4.0 x16 for the discrete GPU, thus Intel catches up with its biggest competitor AMD.

Considering that Intel has approved Alder Lake, which has a different LGA1700 socket for the year 2021, we can say that the life of 500 series motherboards will not be very long. In addition, both AMD and Intel plan to transition to PCIe 5.0 / DDR5 platforms with new CPUs and AM5 / LGA 1700 sockets within a year. For this reason, it is thought that those looking for a long-lasting motherboard will bypass the 500 series.

The 500 series chipsets are expected to be shown for the first time at the CES event, which will start on January 11. As the processors come to light, we will be able to reach more details. Stay tuned to be informed about new developments.


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