Logitech G Playmaster for success in CS: GO!


Playing games is indeed a passion for some. As such, the software developed for games is also important for those who feel this passion. You know, there are a lot of gaming gear in the Logitech G series. Now, with Logitech G Playmaster software, you can be more successful on Counter-Strike that you are passionate about. The first game supported by the software is the popular multiplayer game CS: GO.

Logitech G Playmaster software promises success in CS

Logitech G announced a new e-sports training program for Playmaster, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, designed to help you hone your skills and practice certain techniques such as tracking players, moving and firing.

In this system where special maps and levels are created in CS: GO, players can both evaluate their current skill levels and practice and improve these skills.

We worked with Lero Esports Science Research Lab at Limerick University to develop the software. Logitech emphasizes this in its article announcing Playmaster and uses the phrase “supported by science”.

How is it working?

First of all, Playmaster is defined as a skill-based software program designed to teach players how to improve their performance in the games they love.

This software detects the player’s strengths and weaknesses and provides directions for each player to be much more successful. For the basic test, which takes 30 minutes, you have to enter the “PLAYMASTER.GG” website. The first game supported by this software is CS: GO, as we mentioned above. The number of games is planned to increase in the future.

After half an hour of testing, Playmaster offers a special, personalized recommendation for improving skills, including spotting the enemy, aiming, recoil varying with weapons, and more.


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