Logitech G Astro A30 Review: Great Sound (Almost) Anywhere


The Logitech G Astro A30 gaming headset seems to invade every aspect of your life, from what you take for a walk to use on your gaming consoles, but is it good?

Logitech acquired the Astro brand in 2017, and since then everything has been brought to the shine by Logitech. The Astro A30, considered an affordable Astro headset of a higher class, promises high-quality sound without compromise between multiple devices.

The price of the A30 means that it will compete with such powerful Steelseries Arctis Nova 7, but Logitech’s efforts have not been in vain, since the A30 is a perfect gaming headset suitable for almost any scenario, and they can also be customized. , too.

Key Features

Connectivity: Bluetooth, 2.4GHz dongle, 3.5mm removable wire (Headset jack/Combo jack)

Driver diameter: 40mm

Frequency response: 20 – 20,000 Hz

Compatibility: PS5, Xbox, PC, Bluetooth Devices, Nintendo Switch

Features: Device switching, sound mixing, removable microphone on the rod, 27 hours of battery life, LIGHTSPEED wireless connection, customizable speaker tags.
Price: 229.99 USD.

Where to buy: Astro Gaming

Included: Astro A30 gaming headset, Carrying case, USB-A — USB-C cable, LIGHTSPEED receiver, 3.5mm combo connector.


The Astro A30 gaming headset looks great from the moment you take it out of the box, its speaker protrusions are decorated with an oil stain effect, and the dark blue color is a fresh look compared to the list of endless matte black headsets that we see. However, the plastic design of the headset leaves much to be desired, as it creaks and does not inspire us with much confidence when we put it on our head or adjust it.

The head pillow is quite sturdy and made of a rubber-like material, which we found tends to aggravate long hair, which is a shame. Despite this, the stylish design of the headset gives it a fantastic look. Each earphone is decorated with a lot of knobs and settings, but it’s pretty easy to get lost in them, and even after several weeks of testing, we still haven’t managed to get used to them.

The removable microphone on the boom is a nice touch, but we would prefer it to be more in line with the Steelseries mantra of simply hiding it inside the headset, instead of losing one more thing. The USB-C charging port is also conveniently located at the bottom, but the 27-hour battery life is fantastic, and in the end we only had to charge the headset a few times.

However, the plush ear pads are decorated with faux leather, which we think is one of the most comfortable you can get on this side of the Steelseries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless, and the weight of the headset was comfortable to hold on your head for several hours. at the end.

Sound quality

Firstly, there are several modes that we can test with respect to the sound quality of the Astro A30, firstly, it was easy to play through Logitech Lightspeed Wireless and through the PS5, we pumped all kinds of music, and, surprisingly, the sound profile of the headset easily coped with dark and bass sounds, while maintaining good clarity at high frequencies when listening to music. This is definitely a breath of fresh air after listening to so many gaming headsets with dominant basses.

The overall sound stage is quite smooth and wide, although if you want to further customize the sounds, you can also use the Logitech G Hub mobile app, which provides a hassle-free setup of our listening experience.

Here you can also adjust the sound profile so that it is in the “Astro Footsteps” mode, which allows you to hear footsteps a little easier by reducing the low frequencies, while not polluting the profile too much. In Warzone we managed to use this mode effectively to kill nearby enemies, and in Elden Ring we managed to create a delightfully immersive experience.


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