Logitech Announces a “Straight” Gaming Chair That Really Plays with Our Emotions for Its Price


Logitech has introduced the gaming chair Vantum, designed for gamers. The seat, which has a very simple design, provides full support for the head, neck and shoulders. The price of a gaming chair, about which it is unknown whether it will come to Turkey or not, is such that it will burn through your pockets.

Logitech, one of the most popular gaming equipment companies in the world, announced its new gaming chair called “Vantum” as a result of cooperation with furniture manufacturer Herman Miller, with whom it has been cooperating since 2020. Despite its simplicity, an armchair with a very simple design attracts attention with its high level of comfort. The price of the new Logitech gaming chair is $2 PlayStation 5.

The case of the Vantum made of 100% recycled polyester has a back made of a mixture of elastomer and polyester. The seat cushion and the headrest compartment are made of polyurethane foam. According to Logitech and Herman Miller, the extremely ergonomic seat is designed for hours of use.

This is what the new Logitech gaming chair looks like

According to the statement, the Vantum, which has three color options: black, black-and-white and red-and-black, provides full support for the head, neck and shoulders. According to officials who say that the seat is adjustable, the Vantum offers a high level of comfort not only during games, but also during recreation.

Let’s move on to the price of this gaming chair: it can be purchased for the full $995 per seat listed on the Herman Miller website. Note that the dollar exchange rate on October 7, when this article was written, was 18.58, that is, the tax-free price of Vantum was about 18 thousand 500 TL. It is unknown whether Vantum will come to Turkey.

You can watch the Vantum commercial below:


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