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Admiral Green Bull is one of the Three current Admirals of the Navy in One Piece. Known to be the strongest military force of the World Government, every Admiral is extremely capable and strong enough to fight the strongest of pirates of the New World. During the two-year time skip, Admiral Aokiji left the Navy after losing the battle for the spot of the Fleet Admiral to Akainu. Consequently, Admiral Akainu ended up becoming the fleet Admiral and, thus, two seats for the Admiral positions were left open.

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Through a World Military Draft, two new Admirals were chosen by the World Government, namely were Fujitora and Green Bull. Admiral Fujitora was introduced during the Dressrosa arc of One Piece and, as expected, his powers were truly monstrous. Towards the end of the Wano Country arc, fans got to see Admiral Green Bull, as well as a display of his overpowered Devil Fruit ability, the Mori Mori no Mi, shortly afterwards.

How The Mori Mori no Mi Is A Logia

Upon being introduced in the Reverie arc as a mere silhouette, most fans hypothesized that Green Bull was, in fact, a plant-based Devil Fruit user due to him not having eaten for 3 years. In the Wano Country arc, This ended up being proven right as soon as he was officially introduced. Green Bull flew into the country using a giant flower sprouting from his back and shortly afterwards, turned the entirety of Wano Country into the giant forest. Yet, most fans assumed that his Devil Fruit would be a Paramecia. In One Piece 1054, Green Bull’s devil fruit ability was finally revealed to the fans properly and its name was revealed to be the Mori Mori no Mi. Surprisingly, this devil fruit was revealed to be a Logia type instead of being a Paramecia one. While that is confusing to an extent, it also makes perfect sense for him to be a Logia.

The majority of the Logia type Devil Fruit users in One Piece are based on elemental powers. Smoker’s Moku Moku no Mi, Ace’s Mera Mera no Mi, Crocodile’s Suna Suna no Mi, all allow their users to transform into smoke, fire, and sand respectively. Similarly, fans also got to see Enel’s Goro Goro no Mi, and the pre-timeskip Admirals’ fruits as well, all of which were based on elemental powers. However, that’s not all that Logia abilities entail. Along with the elemental powers, some Logias are also forces of nature. Caribou’s Numa Numa no Mi, which allows him to transform into a swamp, is an example of that. Similarly, Green Bull’s Mori Mori no Mi is also a fruit that allows him to turn into a force of nature itself. The Mori Mori no Mi, also known as the Woods Woods Fruit, allows Green Bull to transform into and control forests and all forms of vegetation at will.

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The Powers Of The Mori Mori no Mi

The Mori Mori no Mi, or the Woods Woods Fruit, is an incredibly powerful Logia type fruit that has made Green Bull one of the strongest characters in One Piece. Being an Admiral, it is expected of him to possess any extremely high level of strength and a Logia is certainly fitting, however, even among the Logia types, his fruit is rather special. Green Bull describes his power as the cradle of life itself. Just like someone being able to control the sea, Greenville can control all forms of plants and vegetation on land. With it, he can also manipulate life itself. This was apparent from when he fought King and Queen in Udon and, by the looks of it, drained all their nutrients from their bodies. He can create life, and at the same time, manipulate it according to will. Furthermore, he can also become this form of life itself, as seen in One Piece 1054.

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To stop the likes of the Scabbards and completely destroy them in combat, Green Bull activated and ability known as Groves Of Wrath. Upon activating this power, he becomes one with nature itself and is able to manipulate woods at will. As with every standard Logia ability, normal attacks cannot cause any damage to him. In order for him to be hurt, the usage of high-level Haki is certainly required. Even a short laps in concentration can prove to be deadly against him in combat as he can easily penetrate his opponent’s body with his many roots and absorb their nutrients within a matter of seconds.

Furthermore, Green Bull can completely change the terrain of the fight and make it so that it favors him in combat. While fighting, he can also continuously feed off of the sunlight and maintain his level of strength as well. Additionally, he also gains miscellaneous abilities, such as flight, with the Mori Mori no Mi, which is extremely useful both in and out of combat. While the Mori Mori no Mi has not been seen at its absolute best just yet, fan will certainly get another glimpse of it in the future. Yet, whatever it is that has been seen so far is enough to categorize it as one of the most dangerous Logia abilities in One Piece.


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