Logan Paul vs The Miz Is Perfect for WWE SummerSlam

After their success in one of WrestleMania 38’s most talked-about matches, Logan Paul and the Miz were tasked with catching that lightning in a bottle for the second time at WWE’s SummerSlam. Logan Paul shocked the world when he officially signed with WWE two months after his performance as the Miz’s WrestleMania partner. Despite the proven ability of the two athletes to entertain, skepticism around the fight immediately began to grow.
SummerSlam has a long history of celebrity appearances and matches. Stephen Amell of Strela played a match at the event in 2015. A year earlier, Ronda Rousey had unofficially appeared in WWE when she was spotted in the front row and backstage with the “Four Horsewomen” of MMA. For an event that is often called the biggest party of the season, SummerSlam 2022 clearly lacks excitement. Aside from the return of Logan Paul and the Miz, only Pat McAfee has caused the perfect SummerSlam expectation.
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Mike “Miz” Mizanin is an ideal candidate for Logan Paul’s first singles match in WWE, as together they can bring the hype from the world of celebrities and pop culture back to WWE programming. Aside from the Floor match and the aforementioned McAfee contest, SummerSlam 2022 promises to be a celebration of low-stakes matches and rivalries that get stuck on repeat. Roman Raines vs. Brock Lesnar is billed at the top of the card. These two rivals, although very talented, have competed against each other so many times that WWE advertises this main event under the slogan “For the Last Time”. Although Raines and Lesnar can show the WWE classic, it is unlikely that this will really be their last fight. It’s hard to find value in a pay-per-view card that relies on the relief that tired fans will feel when the WWE champion stops defending his titles against the same opponent he’s faced for years.
Logan Paul’s performance at SummerSlam will decide or break his career in WWE
Fortunately, Logan Paul’s debut at SummerSlam will be free from the same fatigue. His match against The Miz is a continuation of the story that began at WrestleMania. While the narrative has been evolving on social media in the months since their performance at the Grandest Stage of Them All, SummerSlam will be their first competition as opponents. Paul’s ability to arrange this feud without stepping into the WWE ring is a testament to Logan Paul becoming the perfect WWE superstar. In addition to the rivalry of performers, WWE viewers also have a personal interest in this match. Paul represents the future of the WWE product. Regardless of whether fans want him to win or lose, their feelings about it have filled WWE arenas since the announcement of his signing.
As SummerSlam approaches, Logan Paul represents an important transition for the company. The Miz is the perfect embodiment of the previous “entertainment” elements of WWE. Mizanin is a veteran of reality TV, the host of his own show on USA Network, and he has also appeared in other popular programs such as “Dancing with the Stars” on ABC. However, it is clear that a transition from these old elements is needed, since the Miz itself cannot fill the space of superstars like Cody Rhodes. Logan Paul, a legitimate YouTube sensation, is their next chapter in entertainment. WWE may be a decade late, but they’re finally ready to capitalize on the internet age of celebrity.
While rumors are swirling about Paul’s debut at SummerSlam, longtime WWE fans should feel more at ease than anyone. When the Miz appeared in 2006, he was also rejected by the public and the boys from behind. Now, more than fifteen years later, thanks to his hard work and love of professional wrestling, the Miz is an undisputed favorite of WWE. Logan Paul has proven that he is a hardworking and dedicated performer. If he loves WWE, SummerSlam will be the second of Logan Paul’s many great matches. And if he fails, it won’t be the biggest disagreement for either WWE or Paul.