Logan Paul spends $ 150,000 on ONE Pokémon card.


Logan Paul shocked his fans with the exorbitant amount of money he spent on a rare Pokémon card, over $ 100,000!

Logan Paul, famous but controversial youtuber, spent $ 150,000 on a very rare Pokémon card: a first edition PSA 10 Shadowless Charizard card!

The card was sold by “Pawn Stars Gary”, a famous Pokémon card collector who previously appeared on the series, History Channel.

Logan Paul, who has spent quite a bit of money collecting Pokémon cards in recent months, initially flew in to bid on a rarer version of the card: a BGS-rated Charizard 10. Only two versions of that card are known to exist.

Both cards are Gary’s property and clearly mean a lot to the collector. Seeing this, Logan Paul made an offer on a slightly less weird version of Charizard; Only 100 of the PSA 10 are known to exist!

Justin Bieber almost beat Logan Paul!

According to Gary, several people have bid for the BGS-rated Charizard, including pop singer Justin Bieber.

One fan even went so far as to offer her a home valued at $ 400,000 just for the card! After learning of the offers Gary had turned down, Logan Paul decided not to bother bidding on that card, but instead asked if he could purchase one of the PSA 10 cards.

According to Gary, Logan Paul’s offer was the highest he had received for PSA 10. The second highest was $ 130,000 – although he did not clarify whether that offer came from Justin Bieber.

Although Gary had 7 of the 10 PSA Charizard cards before the sale, he seemed skeptical at first that Logan Paul would make him an attractive enough offer. However, the Pokémon fan gave in.

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It probably didn’t hurt that Logan Paul brought the cash, but according to Gary, the reason he was willing to part with the card came down to the youtuber’s passion. After selling it, Gary claimed that he had no regrets about the decision and was instead happy for Paul.

The Pokémon TCG was first localized in 1999 and its popularity played a monumental role in the expansion of the Pokémon brand. For the past 21 years, the game has continued to grow, offering cards for each subsequent generation of Pokémon, as well as offering new versions of old favorites.

Still, the original core set cards are still quite popular with collectors, and Charizard has been a series favorite from the start.

Are you a collector of Pokémon TCG? What is the rarest card in your collection? Let us know in the comments.


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