Logan Paul Misses Promised Deadline for CryptoZoo Response, Which Angers Viewers


“Tomorrow I will publish a response to his accusation of fraud,” Logan Paul said two days ago, but has not yet published the promised video dedicated to the Coffeezilla investigation into CryptoZoo, which caused a crowd of outraged viewers.

It’s been over a year since Logan Paul’s NFT game, Cryptozoo, was launched in September 2021. But, as reported by investors and investigated by the crypto detective Coffeezilla, Crytpozoo was launched as a non-functional money pit. And after a month of promoting the project, Paul fell silent for the next 15 months immediately after its launch.

That was until Coffeezilla picked up the story and released a three-part series in which CryptoZoo investors, developers and team members are interviewed, portraying Logan in an unpleasant light. After the third video, Logan called the words Coffee a “cap” and even invited the detective to his Impaulsive podcast.

But at the beginning of the New Year, on January 1, 2023, Logan Paul revived the fading interest in history with a post on Twitter. “I sent this message to CoffeeZilla 5 days ago,” he posted a screenshot of an email he sent to Coffee inviting him to a podcast. “I have not received a response, so I will post a response to his accusations of fraud tomorrow on my YouTube channel.”

But he didn’t.

Logan Paul could not provide the promised response to Coffeezilla in time

On January 2, the day when, as reported, the legendary CryptoZoo response video was published, 24 hours passed without news from Logan Paul. No tweets explaining the delay. No Coffezilla cosplay. And even in the last few minutes of the day, viewers responded to Logan’s announcement on Twitter, asking him where the answer was.

But he never came. And the all-too-familiar radio silence of Paul’s older brother caused viewers to worry. Many supporters were happy to hear that Logan planned to post a response. They assumed that he would “do the right thing”, admit his mistakes and announce a plan to fix CryptoZoo.

Then, on January 3, a day after the promised answer was supposed to be published, Logan Paul posted another ad. PRIME ENERGY, the newest addition to the list of Drink Prime products… but not the juice that viewers were hoping for.

Immediately after the announcement was published, users were bombarded with comments that asked where the response video was. “Where is the video that tells about everything that happened? It’s been 2 days since you tweeted: “We load up tomorrow.” What happened to it?” asked user lakapto.

Some users jokingly called the new drink “another scam”, while others referred to the investigation, saying they prefer coffee. And 60+ retweets with quotes were no better, and many wondered why Paul announced a new product, and did not respond to the accusations of CryptoZoo.

Paul’s silence breeds even more frustration, and fans and viewers are getting more impatient by the minute. We just have to wait and see when Logan Paul finally decides to “expose the bad actors.”


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