Logan Paul May Return to WWE Sooner Than Expected


It is possible that Logan Paul will return to WWE earlier than previously expected, as new information about his status has appeared in the company.

When Logan Paul first contacted WWE, many wrestling fans were skeptical about what “Maverick” could do in the ring.

However, he shocked everyone by debuting at WrestleMania in a tag team match, and then had two impressive performances against the Miz and Roman Rains. In fact, Logan even earned the recognition of “Rookie of the Year” from a number of fans and journalists as a result of these performances.

The last time he appeared in the WWE ring was back in November, when he fought with Raines for the world title, and apparently suffered MCL and meniscus injuries. This ruled out his participation in the boxing card Misfits 004 from KSI, but perhaps he was not out of action for a long time.

Update on Logan Paul’s Return to WWE Amid Royal Rumble Rumors

On January 17, Sean Ross Sapp of the Fighting Select reported that WWE had contacted Logan about participating in the upcoming Royal Rumble. Although it is not confirmed whether he will appear.

A wrestling insider who rarely makes mistakes noted that WWE “hopes he will train for the upcoming match” and that they “hope the star talent will return in time” for the road to WrestleMania 39.

Sapp’s report added that there are no “credible details” about the plans WWE may have for Logan, but they just hope to get him back into their possession sooner rather than later.

Despite the fact that Logan has recently been criticized, mainly for his involvement in the alleged CryptoZoo scam, this was not “taken into account in the WWE’s decision” about his appearance.

The Battle Royale will take place on January 28, and if Logan is announced in advance, his appearance may be delayed as one of the unexpected appearances that WWE usually arranges at the event. Well, that’s if they manage to ensure his appearance there.

There were also rumors that at some point he would meet with John Cena, and what kind of crossover it would be.


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