Logan Paul Explains Why He Thinks Deji Will Beat Floyd Mayweather


YouTube star Logan Paul has given his forecast for the upcoming boxing match between Dedzhi and Floyd Mayweather and believes that the influential man will convincingly win.

Logan Paul is one of the most successful faces in the world of influential boxing. It is believed that he initiated the craze, Paul has so far fought in the ring with two opponents; fellow YouTuber KSI and undefeated Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

More than a year after the fight with Logan, Mayweather is now ready to fight another big name in the boxing game of influencers — Deji, the younger brother of KSI.

This fight came as a big surprise to many, especially considering Deja’s track record. YouTube lost all the fights he participated in until August 27, when he won his match against Fouseytube by technical knockout.

Soon after, DJ and Mayweather announced that they would meet in Dubai this November… and despite Deji’s relative lack of experience, Logan is confident that the YouTuber will take the Wbc title.

Logan Paul Predicts Deji will Knock Out Floyd Mayweather

He spoke on this topic during a recent episode of his IMPULSIVE podcast, where he predicted that Dedji would knock out Mayweather in the third round of their upcoming fight.

“How would you feel if Deji just busted him up?” Co-host George Janko asked.

“He’s gonna,” Logan answered confidently. “I got Deji in three. Deji’s gonna KO Mayweather for sure.”

This, of course, will be the biggest disappointment in the history of influential boxing after Logan managed to go the distance against Mayweather in the summer of 2021 — a fight that caused numerous rumors about a “contractual” match, and some viewers suggested that Mayweather really detained Paul after knocking out the Internet star.

Dedji vs Mayweather follows another blockbuster between the YouTube star and the fighting sports GOAT, and MMA legend Anderson Silva is also set to fight Jake Paul at the end of October.



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