Logan Paul Explains &Trifecta& Why a Contract with WWE Makes Sense


The signing of the WWE contract with Logan Paul caused a lot of media reports about the company, and the sensation on social networks, who became a sports artist, recently told why he chose this career path. Vince McMahon seems to be moving the federation away from professional wrestling and bringing it closer to a spectacular spectacle. Paul and his millions of followers perfectly embody this vision.

Paul, of course, made his ring debut at WrestleMania 38 in a tag team match. He partnered with The Miz to fight the father and son team of Rey and Dominic Mysterio. The 27-year-old looked natural, played to the public and got some of the loudest cheers of the weekend by impersonating Eddie Guerrero before impersonating the perfect frog. After the fight, the Miz destroyed Paul with his crushing final finisher, which seems to have led them to a singles match at SummerSlam.

A star like Paul doesn’t need WWE to boost his signal, but in his eyes joining a wrestling company still made sense. He explained why during the recent release of his IMPAULSIVE podcast. “For me, there’s a triple effect that I’m looking for that decides what I do. When I can mix passion, business and the media into one, I’m like an absolute me, a happy place. So the passion when I participated in WrestleMania, I had so much fun. I was just having fun, all my friends were having fun.” Paul continued by stating that “business is smart, they pay well. WWE is a big organization… I am excited about this journey and am well aware of how powerful a launching pad it can be for everything I want.” to do in life.” (h/t on www.f4wonline.com for transcription)

Paul’s comments are casual and offhand, but it’s interesting to hear him talk about what a launching pad WWE could be before he had a singles match. There’s no denying that he exceeded all expectations during his WrestleMania debut, but one-night wrestling and more frequent fan care are two completely different, unique challenges.

WWE launched the film careers of such performers as Rock and John Cena, but they are multiple world champions who had to slowly make their way to Hollywood. Paul is moving in almost the opposite direction, moving from show business to the square of the circle and hoping that WWE coverage will help him achieve his goals. Paul is only 27 years old, and he is a good athlete. Inviting someone like him to make big events like SummerSlam more special is not that important. It is clear that Paul knows what he wants to achieve during his multi-match run in WWE, and the promotion has already attracted huge media attention due to the signing of the contract. Time will tell if it will be a match made in the media heaven as it seems.