Logan Paul confirmed that the fight with Andrew Tate will indeed take place


YouTube star Logan Paul has officially confirmed that he is in talks with Andrew Tate after calling the controversial Internet personality to a match in the UFC.

Andrew Tate may have been banished from social media, but it looks like the creator of the inflammatory content is back online, judging by this latest Twitter interaction.

Although Logan had previously condemned the idea of fighting Tate for fear of giving the influencers a platform, he changed his position and called him out on October 31 during an episode of Sean O’Malley’s podcast “TimboSugaShow”.

“Why don’t we do something that both of us have never done?” Pavel posed. “A clean record. 0 and 0. Let’s enter the damn octagon, brother. MMA fight, I’m up against Tate in the UFC.”

On the same day, Andrew Tate took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the matter, criticizing Logan Paul, but at the same time remaining open to a fight with him.

“If the conditions are fair for both sides, I will fight Logan in a cage and destroy him,” he wrote, comparing Logan to his younger brother Jake, whom he praised for “changing the boxing industry for the better.”

Despite the verbal criticism, Logan seemed thrilled to receive such a response from Tate, and responded with an energetic message that he did not agree to any conditions that Tate demanded for their potential fight.

“Damn it, it’s fantastic,” Logan replied. — To be honest, I didn’t think that you would accept my offer. Literally just got on the phone with our mutual contact person and I agree to your drug test and any other fair terms you want. It’s going to happen.”

Holy shit, this is fantastic. To be honest, I didn’t think you would accept my offer. Literally just got off the phone with our mutual contact, and I’m ready to take a drug test and any other fair conditions you want. It will happen 😘

— Logan Paul (@LoganPaul) October 31, 2022
It is likely that the two will meet in the octagon— which both Logan and Jake have hinted at over the past few weeks, and Logan recently noticed how he trains his kicks in the MMA gym.

That’s not all; Jake also teased that he has a big MMA event planned “soon” after his stunning fight with Anderson Silva on October 29.

While nothing has been set in stone yet, it looks like Logan has set his sights on Andrew Tate, making him one of the most explosive powerhouse confrontations we’ve ever seen.


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