Logan Paul Claims That Pokémon Card Scam Isn’t Fake


Logan Paul: About two weeks ago, digital influencer Logan Paul revealed that he fell for a scam when he bought $3.5 million worth of fake Pokémon cards. Last Wednesday (18), the famous commented on his podcast IMPAULSIVE about the case and said that it is not a fake scandal.

After the case, thousands of people posted messages on social media indicating that Paul created a hoax and invented that he lost the money. However, he recently went public with the fact that he actually lost the money in a real scam.

“It’s not fake. Being in that room that night was incredibly sad. The energy and sense of tragedy in the room was palpable. You can’t cheat someone and steal millions of dollars this way without legal consequences,” the YouTuber said in his podcast.

It’s a trap, Logan!

In December, Logan Paul bought a box of rare Pokémon boosters for $3.5 million, but he only received cards from the G.I. Joe saga. At the time the kit was announced, the seller was asking for just US$72,000 (about R$394,000), so at the time, many people were already finding the story strange.

Investigations into the case are expected to begin soon, as the purchase was authenticated by the baseball card exchange sports card website — another problem is that the authentication company is not well known among Pokémon card collectors.