Logan Paul Claims He Has Only “Scratched The Surface” of His WWE Career.


Logan Paul officially joined WWE in 2022 and even led one of the biggest events dedicated to the current brainchild of the franchise, but Paul claims that he only superficially showed what he is capable of in professional wrestling.

In early April 2022, influential man Logan Paul made his WWE debut during one of the franchise’s most prestigious events: WrestleMania. As part of the 38th pay-per-view version of this pageant, Paul teamed up with the Miz to defeat the Mysterio Brothers.

However, their partnership didn’t last long, as the Miz had plans to betray Logan Paul, initiating a storyline that would last until Paul’s next big fight at SummerSlam. His flawless performances have attracted the attention of several WWE superstars and even earned him a title fight at Crown Jewel 2022.

His fight with Roman Raines will go down in WWE history, despite the fact that many fans believe that he did not deserve this fight, as this will be his third appearance. After losing the fight and leaving with a devastating knee injury, Paul has not entered the ring since. However, he still feels like he has only touched the surface of his WWE career.

Logan Paul reflects on his performance at WWE 2022

Logan Paul released a video on YouTube titled “WHY 2022 WAS THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE,” in which he talked about his achievements over the past year. Most of it was devoted to his performances in WWE.

He stated that this opportunity was a “curve” that he did not expect, but eventually fell in love with the sport. Paul thanked WWE and its fans for allowing him to become a part of their world.

He concluded the segment by stating: “I’m really excited about how much I can grow in WWE, and I think I’ve only touched the surface in terms of what I’m capable of. It’s going to be amazing.”


At the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, Logan Paul was in for hard times, as he was the subject of one of the latest investigations by the crypto detective Coffezilla. However, since the “recovery is going well,” WWE fans can see the Floor bouncing off the ropes.


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