Logan Paul and Coffeezilla Are Fighting Again Over CryptoZoo’s Accusations of “Fraud”


Logan Paul and Coffeezilla exchanged new barbs after a YouTube blogger claimed that the CryptoZoo initiative of the founder of PRIME is nothing more than a “scam”.

Given the news that is currently covering Andrew Tate and Greta Thunberg, the drama “Coffezilla vs. Logan Paul” has faded into the background.

It all started with the fact that an investigative YouTuber stated that Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo initiative was a “fraud”.

In response, Logan invited Coffee to his IMPAULSIVE podcast to discuss the project. He also promised to expose the “bad actors” in the CryptoZoo camp.

Now the exchange on Twitter has witnessed another deterioration in relations between the two camps.

Coffeezilla can’t wait for Logan Paul to “prove innocent”

On December 29, Logan posted an update in front of a green screen with a cup of coffee. The signature was a coffee mug and a cap—a colloquial expression of a lie or falsehood.


Unimpressed, Coffezilla answered quickly. He took aim at Logan’s joke, saying it was “the funniest thing” he’d seen this year.

“Logan pretending to be going to ‘investigate’ his own scam is the funniest thing this year,” he said. “[I] can’t wait for him to prove innocent.”

The second tweet asked: “Where have we seen a similar green screen before?” Attached to the tweet was an image of FaZe Kay, who in the summer of 2021 was involved in his own crypto scam “pump and dump”.

It remains to be seen if Coffee will actually feature in a future episode of IMPAULSIVE, but relations between the two sides seem to be at a low ebb.

However, we do not rule it out on this basis, since both men seem to be striving to preserve their reputations and defend their previous beliefs.


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