Logan Lerman Weighs in on a New Disney TV Show about Percy Jackson


Logan Lerman offers his two cents on the upcoming Disney adaptation of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, having played Percy in the 2010 film. Based on author Rick Riordan’s favorite book series, Lerman was cast to star in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, and then returned to reprise the role in the 2013 film Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. The films also starred Brandon T. Jackson as Grover Underwood and Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth Chase. Riordan’s stories tell of a titled young demigod and his charming adventures inspired by Greek mythology.

News of the upcoming reboot delighted the public, especially after it was confirmed that Riordan would be actively involved in the project this time. Unlike the original adaptation, “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” will be released as a television series on Disney+ under the direction of “Adam” project star Walker Scobell. Leah Sava Jeffries will play Annabeth and Ariane Simhadri will play Grover, and many are looking forward to seeing how Disney will take on this exciting new adaptation. Since the series is currently in production, Riordan recently estimated that “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” could be released in 2024, although the official window has not yet been confirmed.

During an interview with THR, Lerman weighs in on the upcoming reboot of Percy Jackson. He says he’s “curious to see it” and that his excitement about the series has a lot to do with everything that has been announced about the project so far. The actor says that seeing how Riordan manages the project, he is “happy for the fans.” Check out Lerman’s comment below:

I’m excited too, I’m really excited. I’m curious to look at it, I think everything I’ve seen so far is, like, peripheral, like casting and how they do it, and that Rick is directing it, just makes me happy, it makes me happy for the fans, and I’m excited that it’s new the generation will see it.

Lerman’s 2010 and 2013 films struggled to charm audiences, and many were unhappy with the way Riordan’s stories were adapted. The films got a pretty bad reputation after it was revealed that Riordan had received very little involvement, and the news that the author’s influence played a key role in the creation of the new show was certainly the driving force behind the great audience expectation for the series. However, despite these complaints about the films about Percy Jackson, many praised Lerman for the role of Percy, and some even advocated for the actor to return to “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” in the role of Poseidon.

Lerman has been especially gracious when it comes to the Percy Jackson reboot, taking to Twitter to congratulate Riordan after news of the series officially emerged, sharing his hopes for a decent adaptation this time. Of course, it’s great to hear Lerman’s thoughts on the project, as he seems to share the excitement that Riordan will take over the creative power of the series. Since fans are now eagerly awaiting any news about this exciting production, it becomes clear that Percy Jackson and the Olympians already have a big fan in the person of Lerman.


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