‘LOCO’ Becomes ITZY’s 6th MV to Get 100 Million Views on YouTube


ITZY again set a new record with their latest music video, entitled ‘LOCO’.

Starting on Saturday (20/11), the music video for ‘LOCO’ has touched the 100 million view mark on JYP Entertainment’s YouTube channel.

‘LOCO’ is a music video that was officially released by ITZY on September 24, 2021, so that a total of 100 million views was successfully obtained within 1 month and 27 days since its release.

‘LOCO’ is now the sixth music video for ITZY which has touched 100 million views, after the music videos for ‘DALLA DALLA’, ‘ICY’, ‘WANNABE’, ‘Not Shy’ and ‘Mafia In The Morning’.

Congratulations to ITZY! Let’s celebrate by watching the ‘LOCO’ music video again on YouTube!