Lock In Tinder Now Lets You Control Who Sees You In The App


Tinder: This week, Tinder announced that it will allow the blocking of contacts in applicants’ suggestions, avoiding embarrassing situations and promoting a smoother and more quality user experience for its members.

To promote the new feature, among other features, Tinder has a partnership with influencers such as Matheus Novinho and Gabi Prado, who participated in the reality show “De Vacation with the Ex”.

Bernadette Morgan, Tinder’s Product Group, Trust and Security Manager, commented on the new development: “We may not be able to save you from awkward encounters in a cafe, but we’re giving you more control over the Tinder experience,” she explains. .

Morgan goes on to say that “we are launching Block Contact as an additional feature that gives members peace of mind, helping to create a worry-free space to create new connections,” he concludes.

What did users say?

A study commissioned by Tinder revealed that around 40% of respondents have already encountered at least one ex-partner on networking platforms, and among them, around 78% preferred not to see or have been seen by these users. Thus, the implementation of the resource becomes even more relevant.

Tinder users can find the new feature in the profile settings section, where you can select which contacts can appear as a potential suitor. It is noteworthy that the measure not only blocks existing accounts, but also prevents the display of profiles created in the future on the platform.


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