Loading Fires All Your Employees and Will No Longer Have a Grid


Loading‘s short story came to an end today (27), when almost 60 channel employees were laid off. According to the Na Telinha website, the channel’s management met with all its employees this afternoon to communicate the decision.

The channel occupied both the frequency of the old MTV, taking channel 32 UHF, and the building itself that served as the headquarters for the late music channel. Unlike its predecessor, which has been on the air for decades, Loading closes its doors almost a half year after its official debut, which took place on December 7, 2020.

According to the Na Telinha website, executive Anderson Abraços allegedly alleged that Kalunga, the main sponsor of the channel, gave up on the project, which prevented the continuity of the project. We also got in touch with Loading’s advisors looking for an official position, and we will update this news as soon as it happens.

Loading’s idea was to try to gather a lot of content about video games and otaku guidelines, with many recent and classic animes occupying its grid, but already in the first week of activity, all of its esports newsroom quit, and now the rest of the employees went. fired.

In this second, the channel is showing some reruns and old programs, and the production of unpublished material with its presenters has already been discontinued. We still don’t know until exactly what day Loading will continue on the air.

Did you enjoy watching the channel? What was your favorite show? Comment below!

Voxel got in touch with the Loading channel advisor and will update the article if there is more information.


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