Lloyd was the brother of the Sixth — explanation of the theory of the gray man


Is Lloyd Hansen the secret brother of the Sixth in the Grey Man? Netflix is taking its original movie content to new budget heights with The Grey Man when the Russo brothers (“Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” “Avengers: Finale”) adapt Mark Greaney’s 2009 novel. Ryan Gosling takes on the duties of the main character, playing a prisoner drafted by the CIA as a specialist in secret operations and henceforth known only as “Sierra Six”. His opponent in The Grey Man is Chris Evans’ Lloyd Hansen, a notorious unstable mercenary hired by various forces at the top of the CIA to protect a leaked dirty secret.

While “The Grey Man” rushes through a 129-minute performance filled with adrenaline, the Roussos stop from time to time to catch their breath and tell snatches of the backstory of the Sixth in a whirlwind of chaotic action. As a child, Six and his brother were abused by their father, who believed that abuse would turn them into “real men.” The sixth realized that this abusive scheme would eventually kill his brother, so guaranteed that it would never happen by shooting their father. The young Sixth was jailed for murder at the age of about 15 before Donald Fitzroy recruited him to participate in the Sierra program as an adult. After 18 years, when Gosling’s character did the dirty work of the CIA, the story of the Gray Man begins.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, the Gray Man prefers shootings and explosions, rather than specific origin stories. Brother Six is barely mentioned, while Chris Evans’ Lloyd Hansen gets only the most cursory account of the backstory. However, there is a possibility in the uncertainty, and the Gray Man reveals an intriguing possibility widely. Could Lloyd be the Sixth’s brother?

The Gray Man hints that the Sixth has not seen his brother

The Gray Man is deliberately stingy with details about Brother Six. We know that the Sixth was convicted of the murder of his father and duly sent to prison, but what fate befell his brother and sister remains a mystery. Fortunately, the Gray Man gives one small but useful hint. Donald Fitzroy’s Sierra program only recruits agents free of family and personal ties that can be used by enemies, so as Fitzroy approaches the Sixth in prison, we can conclude that the two brothers have lost contact. If Six and his brother had regularly written letters or visited each other, Fitzroy would never have been looking for Ryan Gosling’s “Ken doll” for his elite special forces.

The sixth, most likely, has not seen his brother for 25 years. Fitzroy mentions that the teenager’s sentence began in 1995. Sierra Six is recruited in 2003, then 18 years later the Grey Man happens. If a 40-year-old Sierra agent has not seen or spoken to his brother since 1995, it is quite possible that they will not recognize each other, especially if one of them grows such facial hair. And although Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans are the same age in real life, the Gray Man assumes that Lloyd Hansen is a little younger than Six, since he went to college with Danny Carmichael (Less often Jean Page) and Suzanne (Jessica Henwick). If Six’s brother is several years younger than him (which is also implied by the fact that Six felt protective of her brother and sister), the chances that they will get to know each other after two decades of separation are even lower.

Lloyd, Brother Six, explains his identity

The Grey Man repeatedly points out that Lloyd Hansen is a “sociopath”, and Chris Evans’ character more than justifies these accusations, enjoying his brutal battle against the Sixth, ruthlessly sacrificing innocent lives to fulfill his mission. It’s a huge red flag when even a professional killer named “Lone Wolf” decides that Lloyd is causing more trouble than he’s worth. But the Gray Man never explains how Lloyd Hansen became so perverted. A funeral conversation with Fitzroy suggests that Lloyd has been dangerous since at least his college days, but the Gray Man offers nothing to explain what caused his violent, depraved nature.

The fact that Six and Lloyd are brothers would explain a lot. Imagine that the younger brother of the Sixth grows up in the shadow of an abusive parent who wanted his sons to become “macho”, only to find out later that said parent was killed by his own brother. The sixth thought she was protecting him, but perhaps her brother felt abandoned, suddenly left alone with a conveyor belt of emotional baggage at the airport, with which he had to work. Will this brother become a more balanced, normal member of society?.. Or Lloyd Hansen?

Chris Evans’ villain oozes venomous masculinity—the very one Father Six believed in. He abandons his soldiers without hesitation — just as the Sixth “abandoned” her brother. And it’s curious how Fitzroy believes that the Sixth was born to be a CIA operative, and Lloyd Hansen also applied to Langley after leaving Harvard. The Gray Man represents the Sixth and Lloyd as two halves of the same coin. Both started the same career and both are very good at their work, but one has a conscience and the other doesn’t.


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