Lizzo Says “The Discussion About Bodies Is Officially Outdated” After Comments About Body Shaming


Lizzo responded to the embarrassing comments about her appearance, saying that “the discussion about bodies is officially outdated.”

In TikTok, Lizzo explained how she constantly sees people talking about how she looks. “I see that the comments range from “oh my God, I liked you when you were fat” to “oh my God, why did you lose weight?”

Lizzo went on to say that some people say she needs to lose weight “for health,” while others claim she has “too much work [done].”

– Are we okay? Lizzo asked. “Do you see the delusion? Do we understand that artists are not here to meet your standards of beauty? Artists are here to make art. And this body is art. And I will do whatever I want with this body.

“I wish the comments cost you all the money so we can see how much time we’re wasting on the wrong things,” Lizzo continued. “Can we leave this shit there, please?”

Last year, Lizzo explained how she became a “body icon.”

In an interview with People, the singer explained how her parents “taught me at a very early age how America treats blacks. How he treats black women.” She added: “I saw very quickly how we treat fat people.”

“I shouldn’t have gone that far. I shouldn’t have become a millionaire. I wasn’t supposed to be a sex symbol, but I became one,” Lizzo said. “I think I have a really hot body! I am an icon of the body, and every day I accept it more and more.”

“What I do is use my confidence and strength to create my own standard of beauty. And one day it will become just a standard,” she added. This happened after Lizzo decided to tell about the offensive online comments she received online.

It also became known that Lizzo will appear on SZA’s new album “SOS”, and the couple has several more songs together.


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