Lizzo Reveals How Much She Loves BTS And Jimin’s Friendship With V


Lizzo reveals how much she loves BTS and Jimin’s friendship with V. Time has made Lizzo become quite an ARMY. BTS has one of the most successful careers within the Korean music industry, that’s why it’s no wonder that the ARMY roster includes some celebrities, singers, actors, songwriters, and most recently rapper Lizzo.

Although Lizzo in the past faced being part of ‘ The Army blacklist’ for a comment that was not to the liking of the fandom.

Now a few years later, the American singer speaks with a new perspective towards the boys, because over the years she has allowed herself to get to know one more of them, not only that but also what a great fan she has become of BTS, it is That is why now he is not only carried away by the appearance of the boys as she did in the past.

Lizzo has talked about how much she admires the group and what her favorite group is by sharing:

Let me tell you something. I really love BTS. They are both in my FYP on TikTok now…
– Lizzo

The culprit that Lizzo is now extremely happy for the boys is her sister who helped her introduce BTS and, being the good sister that Lizzo is, she would send her any BTS video that happened to her on TikTok.

She shared that after this her FYP is now full of BTS videos, but she’s definitely not complaining about it!

Because my sister is ARMY… she loved BTS, she introduced me to BTS. So when I would see a BTS video on my FYP, I would send it to her and the algorithm would say, ‘Oh she’s sharing this, okay!’ So, I kept getting more and more BTS.
– Lizzo

In addition, she expressed that this encouraged her to support the members much more, and video by the video she admired them much more.

And the more I see them and their personalities… Like, of course, the music is good, but I understand why people… why ARMY is ARMY… Because [of] their individual personalities, their style… They are dancing.

– Lizzo

Aside from talking for hours about how wonderful the BTS guys were, Lizzo commented that she loved Jimin and V’s relationship.

“ You know Jimin is my favorite. Jimin is my prejudice? That is what you say? I love Jimin. I like V too! Their relationship… Whenever they act, they are side by side… They are like best friends. “
– Lizzo

Definitely the cante, she couldn’t help but fall for the charms of the group and their Instagram live for a moment felt like talking to your best friend ARMY.


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